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May 18-2015
Excellent Service Very Fast and Keep me informed the whole Time. Their Prices are so reasonable and they pay so much attention to my concerns. I feel so at ease now knowing that my car is repaired and now i do not have to worry about it
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Paul M. 2/13/2015 Yelp.com
Awesome awesome awesome  .That should explain it Great fast reliable service Saved me hundreds of dollars 

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Just had Ben and his team work on my Acura MDX Installed new struts. AWESOME service Quality. Timely. Professional. Affordable. I am on disability so every penny means a lot too me. Thanks again Ben and Fort Worth Auto Garage

Gina Pearce 1-8-2014 Google Review.com

First off- Thank You Ft Worth Auto Garage my truck is running great!!! Need a good mechanic without spending an arm and a leg? I would HIGHLY recommend these guys!!! I was having a compression issue with my truck and not wanting to be ripped by a dealer I searched around and found Ft Worth Auto Garage. Took my truck in on Saturday afternoon not expecting to hear anything until Tuesday but to my surprise I received a call on Monday letting me know what they had found at that point. After the repair, he was able to run the truck and diagnose what had caused the problem. All repairs were done and I got my truck back on Wednesday. Ben is a straight forward down to earth kinda guy with a sense of humor. He kept me updated in detail about my truck and what the costs were. The best part is.... DRIVING off knowing I have found a place when I need auto repairs. These guys WILL NOT BS you in anyway, you will not pay for anything you don't need and you WON'T be in a mound of debt when you leave. I am a very satisfied customer.

Timothy Roth August 2014  Google Review.com

Honestly, if it had not been for Ben and Ben at this place, I would have been literally screwed up the river without a paddle. To explain, I have a job travelling store to store and selling Vonage, so my car is my life, but I just started the job and don't have a lot of money...Well, The O'reilly autoparts here off 360 and Green Oaks referred me to this guy named JP to do cheap but quality repair work, when all I had needed was my spark plugs replaced in my Mercury Sable 24v DOHC engine. To put it simply, this jackass screwed me horribly...

First, he put the plenum intake gaskets on wrong.
Second, He sliced 2 hoses and removed a rubber gasket off of one of my hose connector seals and then...
Third, had the nerve to make me pay MORE money to buy an UN NEEDED throttle positioning sensor
Fourth, he snapped 2 Upper Intake Manifold bolts off, which cost me $23 EACH from Ford, and didn't bother reducing the price of the $70 because the expense was HIS fault.
And to TOP IT ALL OFF, after he put it all back together, took the money and ran, and left me with a car that was 10x worse than what I came to him with. Said sorry, it's not his problem, I paid him what he agreed to, he did the work he was asked to do, if the car is running worse, NOT HIS PROBLEM......MY Flippin ass.

What O'reilly doesn't realize is that what they've done by referring me to an unqualified, uncertified, unlicensed mechanic is against their corporate policy in the first place. Second place, it put my life sincerely at risk, it cost me 7 days without work pay or commission pay, and potentially cost me over $600 if I hadn't run into these guys random ad posting on craigslist.

What O'reilly doesn't understand is this is ILLEGAL action and referral of someone unlicensed and uncertified and will come to an end.

They did the work I needed to fix this guy's MAJOR Nuclear screw up for $65 flat.

Let's just say, Thank you Thank you THANK YOU Forth Worth Auto Garage for the exceptional work you did to help me out with my car. I owe you guys a debt of gratitude when I honest to god felt like I'd have to quit my job due to the hell named none other than O'reilly Autoparts and JP.

Fort Worth Auto Garage. you've got my service for life. (Or at least as long as I live in the DFW area.


Erik L.    7/22/2014     Yelp.com

I have a 1997 Lexus ES300, my expansion valve for my a/c decided to quit working. I thought, oh this shouldn't cost too much... Boy was I wrong.
I called many local shops and was even considering paying a craigslist mechanic due to the quote I received from the dealership ($1200). After calling around and realizing that I was going to be out at least $700, I finally called Ben at Fort Worth Auto Garage. I am very, very glad I did.
He met me at his shop on a Sunday, probably inconvenient for him, though he maintained a friendly, professional disposition the entire time and reassured me he could fix it both quickly and for a fraction of what others would charge.
As a born skeptic I was just that. He quoted me $380! Almost %50 less than the lowest I could find. The more amazing part is I received the car back 3 days later and was charged that very same price. The a/c worked wonderfully and Ben reassured me he would stand behind his work. Though I feel there will be no need to as the working order of the vehicle is evidence enough that this was done right. I can happily and confidently suggest Ben's shop when I hear of others having car troubles. As rare as meeting an honest man is, it is entirely more rare to meet an honest mechanic. I am happy I did and I will continue to take my vehicles  to Ben should the need arise again.
Thanks Ben.

Chris Muller      May 20 2014    Face Book  Review

Fort Worth Auto Garage got me out of a jam!! While changing out my spark plugs on my Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck, I broke spark plug #7; leaving half of the threading in the head. I called Fort Worth Auto Garage and they had my truck towed to their shop; and they had me back on the road in no time!! The quality of work is excellent and the customer communications was outstanding!! They did a few little things extra, like topping off my fluids, at no additional charge. I was impressed how they pay attention to detail and the best part was the cost of repair was very reasonable; undercutting other repair shop quotes I received. I have been driving my truck for several days now and it’s running better than ever!! I have finally found a great auto shop that I can use for life!! Thank you Fort Worth Auto Garage!!! :)
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